| The beginning |

The band was formed in 1998 when guitar player Alex Andreoni and drumer Fernando Witcoske (childhood friends) left their previous band, a prog metal group called Kalahari, to form a new band mixing metal, progressive and 70's influences.

They wrote two songs and Alex Andreoni invited his cousin Guilherme Mistretta (singer of a local tribute band) to join them. They recorded a demo-tape (Alex Andreoni also recorded bass guitar) but the band didn't have a bass player still. Them Alex showed the tape to Guilherme Furlan, his friend at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo. Guilherme Furlan was a guitar player but decided to play bass to join the band.

| The First EP |

The band imediatly started to compose and in April, 1998 they did they first show. The band did almost 10 shows until April, 1999 when they decided to record a demo CD with 6 songs. They finished the recordings in August 2000 and the CD was sent to a lot of rock stores in Sao Paulo and also do Vitao Bonesso of radio program Backstage (Brasil 2000 FM). Vitao Bonesso called back the next week saying that he had recomended the band to a new record label called Die Hard Records. Next week Fausto Mucin (Die Hard Records Manager) called the band and Santarem got signed immediatly.

| Other Projects |

After signing with Die Hard Records Sanrarem was imediatly invited to compose and record a song for the most recent projet of the record company called "Shakespeare's HAMLET Project". This CD put together 15 important brazilian metal bands including Symbols, Holy Sagga, Delpht, Vers'Over, Andre Matos, etc. The next month the band was invited by Recital Records (a record company from Portugal) to record a song on a Tribute CD for the heavy metal band Tarantula.

| 2002 |

In 2002 Santarem was confirmed to play with Yngwie Malmsteen in Sao Paulo. But the guitar player prohibited open acts hours before the show. In the same year, invited by Rock Brigade Records, the band played with Angra in 2 great concerts at Garden Hall in Rio de Janeiro and in Gigantao Arena in Araraquara (Sao Paulo). Another great moment for the band was the 2 hour concert in "Centro Cultural Sao Paulo" in July 2003, completely sold out.

| The Second Album |

in 2003 SANTAREM came back to the studio to compose and record its first full lenght album. The result was a mix of Heavy Metal, Prog-Metal and 70 influences. The CD was recorded at Midas Studios, one of the best studios in Sao Paulo, and at IAV (Instituto de Audio e Video de Sao Paulo), and mixed and mastered at Creative Sound Studio. In the same year the band left Die Hard Records and signed a new contract with Megahard Records. Finaly, in the beginning of 2004, the album "Downtown Station" is released.

| Video-Clips |

In October,2004 SANTAREM made its first video-clip for the song "The Other Side". The clip was filmed in SANTAREM rehearsal studio. The objective was to show the band playing for real in the studio where most of the songs were created. The clip was filmed and directed by Cris Chemin (a photographer and film-maker from Sao Paulo). In 2005 the band made its second video-clip for the song "How Much Will Be Enough?", the clip had a careful production and was produced by Cris Chemin and film director Alan Ristow.

| The Band Broke Up |

The band started to compose the next album. They had a lot of new ideas and the band started to work fast. Everyone in the band brought strong personal influences to new songs but some on them were too hard to work together, mainly for the drummer Fernando Witcoske who left the band some months later. unfortunately the singer Guilherme Mistretta (Alex Andreoni's cousin) also left the band due to personal reasons.

| The New SANTAREM |

After the initial shock guitarist Alex Andreoni and bass player Guillerme Furlan decided to keep on working with the band, they already had a lot of cool songs and it was time to find a new singer and a new drummer. The first new member was the drummer Agenor Vallone (of Santa Isabel - next to Sao Paulo city), indicated by Ricardo Confessori (ANGRA/SHAMAN drummer). The band sounded realy good on the first reheasal with a lot of new energies.

The choice of the new singer wasn't that fast. the band decided to post an instrumental song on SANTAREM's website and asked for everyone who wanted to be the next frontman to freely compose and record the voice for this song, and them send it back to band. Fortunatly they received more than 30 recordings from all Brazil. The objective was to find a very good voice and someone who could realy compose. One day the band received a recording from Thiago Scataglia (from Sao Paulo city), he had a powerful voice and he made a fantatisc melody with a lot of energy and soul Everything SANTAREM was looking for.